Engine Rebuilding Services in Newport News, VA

Richard Harris
Over time, engines suffer under extreme duress. This leads to everything from the development of minor inefficiencies to catastrophic failures. There comes a time when an engine needs to be restored. When that time comes, make sure you’re choosing Dunkum’s Automotive Machine Shop LLC. Our shop offers complete machining services to restore your engine, including:

  • Line boring:

    Line boring is a great way to extend the life of your engine by preserving engine pockets. We bore with precision and accuracy, restoring the performance of your engine to tip-top levels.

  • Line honing:

    We have the ability to bring a crankshaft bore to optimal size, whether to restore your stock engine’s performance or for aftermarket performance optimization. Our shop offers honing, among other engine modifications in Newport News, VA, to ensure you’re getting the best possible performance.

  • Block boring:

    If your engine needs to be rebuilt, we have the ability to bore it out for better displacement with your rebuild. We’ll take care of the boring, as well as outfitting your block with new rings, to ensure it’s functioning optimally. Thanks to our well-equipped shop, we can handle engine boring in Newport News, VA for any size engine.

  • High performance engine rebuilding:

    If you need a custom performance engine built, our shop is the place to get it done. We’ll gladly machine out the perfect specs for your racing engine, while also giving you access to a full scope of performance parts in Newport News, VA. The result will be a custom engine that leaves it all out on the road.

Don’t let your engine suffer due to inefficiencies. If the time has come for restoration, trust the machine shop with decades of experience. Contact Dunkum’s Automotive Machine Shop LLC today at 757-244-8401. We’ll breathe new life back into your engine, optimizing it for many more years of top-tier performance.

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