Cylinder Head Rebuilding and Repair in Newport News, VA

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Not just any shop can provide you with high caliber auto machining in Newport News, VA. At Dunkum’s Automotive Machine Shop LLC, we put decades of experience to work for you, delivering precision machining to your engine to improve its performance, increase its life and to remedy inefficiencies.

Our shop is fully-equipped with machining technologies that enable us to work on nearly any engine, to an exceptional degree of accuracy. Plus, our staff consists of seasoned veterans who take pride in delivering top-level results. Our auto machining capabilities include:

  • Cylinder head rebuilding:

    Cracked or leaking heads are a bane to your engine and need to be rebuilt properly to restore efficiency and function. Our shop is capable of complete cylinder head repair in Newport News, VA and will rebuild your heads to spec, so your engine can function flawlessly.

  • Crankshaft grinding:

    Refurbishing the journals of your crankshaft is a great way to restore efficiency and integrity to your engine. We have everything needed to grind your crankshaft, whether for restoration or performance purposes. We work with precision to ensure the end result is one that operates optimally.

  • Cylinder boring:

    Cylinder boring opens the door for a wide range of performance upgrades and can maximize the stroke efficiency of your engine. We bore cylinders to enhance performance, as well as for engine balancing in Newport News, VA.

Our crew works fast and ensures every machining job is done right, so your engine benefits. Whether we’re rebuilding cylinder heads to repair damages or boring for performance, our workmanship is unbeatable.

Contact our machine shop today at 757-244-8401 to learn more about the wide breadth of services Dunkum’s Automotive Machine Shop LLC can offer your vehicle. We’ll be happy to consult with you about your engine’s needs and provide insight as to how we’ll deliver the services it needs for optimal performance.

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